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Month: November 2018

The Diet Book No One Will Write (So I’m Sharing It For Free)

November 28, 2018

I’m the author of 9 books that have been published by large publishing houses. Six of the titles have my name, and another three have been ghost-written. And all of those would be considered a “diet book.” From New York Times best sellers to one that fell far short of expectations, I’ve realized that while many […]

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Spot Reduction and Stubborn Fat Loss

November 24, 2018

Spot reduction. Stubborn fat loss. Bad genetics. Use whatever label you want, it’s undeniable that everyone has “trouble areas” that oftentimes make weight loss diets and fat loss workouts appear ineffective. And while myths like “crunches shrink your waist” have been proven inaccurate (or maybe more the result of wishful thinking), it’s hard to deny […]

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The Best Protein Sources

November 20, 2018

Let’s state the obvious: protein is good for you.  You need protein, whether it’s for building muscle, losing fat, staying full, or just maintaining your health. What’s not as settled is where you should get your protein and what are the best protein sources. And when you consider all the options, it’s easy to see why. From meat […]

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The Hype Machine: No Carbs for Fat Loss (And How to Build Your Diet Plan)

November 15, 2018

The Hype Machine is the crossroads where science meets real-life. The goal: debunking some of the biggest health and fitness myths, by Born Fitness editor in chief, Adam Bornstein. I rarely start people with carb-starve plans, even in fat-loss scenarios. I know this is a surprise for those that read Engineering the Alpha, or for anyone that has ever […]

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3 Rules For Building Bigger Arms

November 11, 2018

Your arms are too small. Or at least you probably feel that way. But chances are it’s not because you’re neglecting those muscles. It’s usually more of what you’re not doing, instead of what you could be doing to make them look better. Those were the opening lines of an article I edited several years […]

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To Hell and Back: The Untold Story of Male Eating Disorders

November 7, 2018

Patrick Devenny was a football kid. He didn’t just love the game. He was built for it, with the 6’3” frame and all the muscle it could hold. He blossomed his senior year at Granite Bay High School in northern California as a quarterback and all-area MVP, which brought out the recruiters. After graduating in […]

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The Too Busy Fitness Plan: How to Create a 30-Minute Workout

November 3, 2018

If your progress has stalled and you need a way to ignite your workout, I have one word for you: Density. This principle focuses less on how much weight you use, and designing a simple plan that allows you to do more work in less time, and with minimal equipment. In other words, density workouts […]

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