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Month: May 2019

Lift the Booty & Back of Thigh with Barre

May 25, 2019

 February 23, 2015 This classic barre workout is an amazing butt and back thigh (aka, hamstrings) lifter. You will need a strong and stable support to hold onto for balance. A mirror may also come in handy to check your body positioning and form. Warmup for five minutes by walking, jogging, or doing some other form […]

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A Very Merry Mat Workout

May 23, 2019

 December 12, 2014 This workout was designed to be done with intentional breath. In all these exercises we want to slow down and breathe purposefully. Breathe into your rib cage in all directions. On exhale, feel your abs and pelvic floor lift and close. Make sure not to move too fast or hold your breath […]

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Interval Cardio Fat Burn Workout | 5 Moves to Slim and Tone

May 22, 2019

 October 10, 2014 This Interval Cardio Fat Burn Workout can be done anytime, anywhere. You’ll need a stopwatch or stopwatch app, a good pair of shoes, and some water. Listen to your body and perform these moves with good form. Do not move erratically. You can do these moves one to four times through for […]

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Sculpt Your Back With This SBF Elevated Back Toner

May 20, 2019

 October 3, 2014 Find a sturdy countertop, banister or wall mounted ballet barre that is at a standard height. This slow and controlled workout is as much about breath as it is about toning the back. Place hands on the top of the counter and bring legs hips distance and parallel. Lift heels. Inhale through […]

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Tighten and Tone the Upper Body with this Lean & Sleek Barre Arms Workout

May 18, 2019

 September 17, 2014 This quick, upper body barre inspired arm workout can be done at the gym, at home, or even at the office on your lunch break. Be sure to warm up prior to starting with a walk or jog in place for a few minutes. You’ll need a mat and a light set […]

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3 Stretches to De-Stress at the Office

May 17, 2019

 August 22, 2014 When you’re at the office or at your home computer (or anywhere) feeling stressed or like you need a release of tension, do these three light stretches. Stand up and bring arms behind your back.  Lightly clasp hands, pull shoulder blades together, press shoulders down and then bring, if you can, the […]

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SBF Thigh Blasting Workout

May 15, 2019

 August 15, 2014 Tone and define your inner and outer thighs and more with this quick, three part workout.  Al you need is something sturdy to hold onto, a mat, and a light hand weight.  Make sure you’re warm before you begin. Holding something sturdy, turn out and step into a Wide Second Position.  Bend […]

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Total Body Barre Workout w/ Weights

May 14, 2019

 July 10, 2014 This total body barre workout can be done anywhere you have a ledge or some support for balance. You’ll need a mat, some light hand weights (I am using two pounds) and a stopwatch or stopwatch app on your smartphone. Warm up for five minutes before beginning this routine. Holding onto something […]

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Total Body Barre Workout with Band

May 12, 2019

 June 16, 2014 This workout is barre-based and uses a band instead of a barre. If you’re new to barre, you can hold onto something for support while you get the leg part down first and then add in the band once you are comfortable with these exercises and can balance. The band will offer […]

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Stress Free Stretch

May 10, 2019

 June 5, 2014 I want to start this post off by saying, if you ever get the chance to visit Tennessee you must look into staying at the Storybook Cottage in beautiful Leipers Fork just outside of Franklin. We shot the images for this stretch there and the space was so calming. I couldn’t resist […]

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