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SBF Lean Arms & Core Workout

  •  March 28, 2014

SBF Lean Arms & Core Workout

To me one of the best ways to get lean arms is to use body weight. In this routine I have taken the workout outside. All you need is a bench and a stopwatch. Here is a video breakdown of the routine and below the exercises are typed out with more form tips.

Make sure you are warm. Find a bench or some other elevation like a stair. Have a stopwatch handy.

Plank Pushup

SBF Lean Arms & Core Workout

Assume a Plank Position with arms on the bench, feet on ground and make sure you step out hips distance and parallel. Make sure core is lifted and engaged to support your lower back and your complete body position. If you are strong, lift one leg up.

Begin bending elbows out to the side and back up for 30 seconds. Change legs and repeat. (Targets chest, front shoulder and core).

Bench T-Stand Lift

SBF Lean Arms & Core Workout

From the Plank Pushup with both legs in parallel hips distance, drop heels to the back and lift front arm up into a T-stand Position. Reach top arm overhead as you lift hips and core up and down a few inches for 30 seconds. (Targets shoulder, outer back and waist).

Bench Dip

SBF Lean Arms & Core Workout

With arms on a bench and hands just under shoulders, back in neutral and hips just off bench, bend elbows straight back and up to target the back of the arms. (Targets back of the arm)

Bench Plank

SBF Lean Arms & Core Workout

With legs up on Bench, hands underneath shoulders, arms long and core on, hold this plank up to one minute. For an extra challenge, lift one leg at a time for 30 seconds. (Targets chest, front shoulder and core).

Repeat entire routine up to three times.

Chest Stretch

SBF Lean Arms & Core Workout

With legs hips distance and parallel, externally rotate arms back and clasp hands to open chest, front shoulders and front of arms. Keep knees soft and take a few deep breaths.

Back of Arm and Side Stretch

SBF Lean Arms & Core Workout

Bring one arm between shoulder blades and lightly clasp elbow with other hand. Side bend to stretch back of arm, outer back and waist. Hold stretch for a few deep breaths and repeat other side.

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SBF Lean Arms & Core Workout

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