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Elevate the Booty & Again of Thigh with Barre

  •  February 23, 2015

Lift the Booty & Back of Thigh with Barre

This vintage barre exercise is a terrific butt and again thigh (aka, hamstrings) lifter. You’ll desire a robust and solid improve to carry onto for stability. A replicate might also come in useful to test your frame positioning and shape.

Warmup for 5 mins by means of strolling, jogging, or doing every other type of cardiovascular workout prior to starting.


Lift the Booty & Back of Thigh with Barre

Preserving onto a improve together with your heels in combination, legs in a slight turnout and shoulders stacked over your hips, take your out of doors leg again about 45 levels out of your hips, maintaining your inside of leg relatively cushy. Elevate your out of doors leg up whilst maintaining your again from shifting. Faucet leg all the way down to ground and up making positive the carry and paintings occurs for your glutes and now not your again. Do that 20 occasions. Flip round and alter legs.

Make it more straightforward: Stay feet down at the flooring on that 45 stage perspective and easily bend and straighten the leg throughout the knee whilst attractive the glutes.

Make it tougher: Make motion sooner and most likely even carry status heel up onto what we name in barre (and dance) as “releve’,” (now not pictured).

Troubleshoot: Don’t transfer thru your again. Stay glutes engaged.


Lift the Booty & Back of Thigh with Barre

Preserving improve, sq. off hips and stay inside of leg cushy. Lengthen leg and level out of doors leg again and in the back of you.

Lift the Booty & Back of Thigh with Barre

Hinge on the hips and transfer the frame (shoulder to toe line) like a seesaw down and up on a sluggish, two depend beat. Do that 10 occasions. Repeat different leg.

Make it more straightforward: Don’t transfer as deeply. As an example, stay higher frame extra upright and don’t let prolonged, out of doors leg carry as top as power and versatility of status leg will permit.

Make it tougher: As power and versatility building up, transfer deeper on this place and velocity the motion as much as a two depend beat.

Troubleshoot: Don’t prove the hip of the prolonged leg and don’t lock out the status knee. You’ll additionally realize that you’ll really feel this at the status leg’s glutes and hamstrings. #letitshake #letitchange


Lift the Booty & Back of Thigh with Barre

Preserving improve, flip frame on profile and produce legs into an athletic turnout. Press heels in combination as you carry them. Bend knees and hinge frame ahead on the hips, maintaining again directly and head in step with backbone.

Lift the Booty & Back of Thigh with Barre

Press hips up towards ceiling whilst maintaining the legs softly bent. Repeat 20 occasions as you breathe in at the bend, and breath out at the carry. #justbreathe

Make it more straightforward: Straighten legs much less.

Make it tougher: Straighten legs extra and transfer extra briefly.

Troubleshoot: Don’t transfer throughout the decrease again. Your motion comes from urgent up throughout the hip-hinge so it’s a must to have flexibility within the glutes and hamstrings. That is the place a replicate may be very useful. #formfirst


Lift the Booty & Back of Thigh with Barre

Status profile in your improve, on an inhale, take out of doors leg again and transfer right into a vertical lunge (aka, cut up lunge) with shoulders stacked over the hips and entrance knee above entrance ankle.

Lift the Booty & Back of Thigh with Barre

On an exhale, rise up whilst urgent throughout the inside of heel and lifting the out of doors knee in order that your frame is status extra upright. Go back to start out. Repeat 20 occasions. Alternate aspects.

Make it more straightforward: Stay out of doors leg down and feet curled to transport most effective in a lunge and don’t carry the out of doors leg up. This may occasionally allow you to dynamically stretch the hip flexors of the out of doors hip (which may well be your inhibitor right here) in addition to allow you to get power for your status hip and hamstrings.

Make it tougher: Transfer extra briefly and kick the out of doors leg out into an extension (now not proven).

Troubleshoot: Don’t be tempted to transport throughout the again as you carry and decrease the out of doors leg. And if it’s arduous so that you can bend again knee down with out thrusting the chest ahead, step again leg in a tiny bit to peer if this is helping.


Lift the Booty & Back of Thigh with Barre

For probably the most complicated, to shine out this seat exercise, stand and face your improve. Take entrance leg out and hinge over the again leg maintaining your again directly. Elevate again (status) heel and deeply bend knee. Pull entrance (running) heel towards hips and switch the knee out whilst most effective permitting the entrance hip to turnout slightly. Pulse the form of the leg up 20 occasions. Alternate aspects.

Troubleshoot: Extra weight of the status foot will have to be at the giant and 2nd feet. Your again will have to now not transfer thru this workout. Handiest the form of the leg will have to pulse up.

Click on right here to obtain the printable PDF of this exercise! SBF Barre Seat Work

Lift the Booty & Back of Thigh with Barre


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